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What is Special Event Insurance?

A Special Event is usually defined as a function of short duration or a function that is not permanently ongoing. A function may last only one day, such as a wedding or a piano recital, or a function may last a month or more such as a county fair or a Christmas tree sales lot. The defining factor is that a function is not set in a permanent location and a function does not continue for an indefinite period of time such as a continuing operation or long term business. There are approximately 350 different types of functions currently defined, with the list constantly under revision and growing.

What is Liability Insurance?
Liability Insurance is an insurance policy specifically designed to insure the legal liability exposures of a function. This type of liability insurance policy is generally termed a Commercial General Liability policy or a Comprehensive Personal Liability policy. Both of these function Liability insurance policies provide civil legal liability coverage for allegations of bodily injury and property damage. This type of Liability insurance is oftentimes required by the venue, or the location where the function is to take place.


Why does my event site require a Certificate of Insurance?

It is not uncommon for the event site to require a Certificate of Liability Insurance with them named as an Additional Insured on the policy. This proof of Liability is available immediately to add and print a Certificate of Insurance using RVNA's online management policy. This Certificate of Insurance is nothing more than a piece of paper showing that the person holding the event has purchased Liability Insurance with the required liability limit, which is usually $1,000,000. This insurance requirement forced upon the event holder by the venue owner/operator is an insurance risk management technique known as risk transfer, which is a form of loss control. The venue owner/operator desires to push or share as much of the potential liability to the function holder as possible. In many cases, the venue owner/operator will also require that the function holder name the venue as an Additional Insured on this required Insurance Policy. The Additional Insured requirement confers certain insurance protection to the venue owner/operator from the insurance policy. The owner of the venue is attempting to shield the venue's annual insurance policy by placing the insurance policy in front.

We offer the right solution for over 350 function types. RVNA issues policies online in real-time 24/7 and 365 days a year.


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special event insurance

Event Insurance

Fundraisers. Meetings. Parties. Liability coverage for any event private or public.
wedding insurance

Wedding Insurance

Wedding Cancellation and Wedding Liability Insurance with Certificates of Liability, online.
dj insurance

DJ/KJ/VJ Insurance

DJ's, Karaoke and Video Jockeys Property, Crime and Liability Insurance.
Event and wedding planner insurance

Event/Wedding Planner

Property, Crime and Liability Insurance for Event, Meeting and Wedding Planners.
private event insurance

Private Event Insurance

Event insurance for private events such as birthday parties, anniversary parties and more.
videographer insurance

Videographer Insurance

Property, Crime and Liability insurance for professional videographers.
rain insurance

Weather Insurance

Rain and Snow Insurance for your wedding or special event.
production insurance

Production Insurance

Production Insurance for movie productions.Including liability, property and excess liability.
photographer insurance

Photographer Insurance

Property, Crime and Liability Insurance for professional photographers.
vendor insurance

Vendor Insurance

Event Liability Insurance for vendors, exhibitors and concessionaires.
school support groups insurance

PTO/Booster Club

Five coverage options for PTOs, Booster Clubs and Educational Foundations.
PTA insurance

PTA Insurance

Recommended by State PTA's. Five coverage options for Unit and State PTA's.
non profit insurance

Non-Profit Insurance

Five coverage options for local Chapters or Clubs of non-profit organizations.
scholarship foundation insurance

Scholarship Foundation

Five coverage options for Citizens Scholarship Foundation (CSF) and Scholarship America.


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